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She’s Got A Habit is more than a site-- it’s a lifestyle. And we’re not just about goods, we're about what's good, and getting the most out of life by creating and reinforcing habits that contribute to your overall health, well being and happiness.

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Empowered women empower women

BTS video of how the Wallace Pfeiffer x Malinda Williams Beauty Clutch came together.


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Oh The Shades!
Each month shop a new selection of trending and classic sunnies.
SGAH features collaborations with empowered designers to offer best-in-class products made with you in mind.

Practice Good Habits

Take a moment to say thank you - A little gratitude goes a long way toward reducing stress and creating a more positive mindset.

Write down 3 good things that happen to you each day. Spending at least 15 minutes listing things you have to be grateful for will attract more into your experience.

Beginning the journey

Starting something new can be a scary prospect. Envisioning more, better and greater is the easy part. The "how" is where most of us become intimidated...

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